The 'Japan-U.S. Business Council' is a Japanese Organization that cooperates with the'U.S.-Japan Business Council' of the U.S. to make recommendations to the Japanese and U.S. governments and other organizations.


Japan-U.S. Business Council related topics

2018. October 31 – November 1
The 55th Japan-U.S. Business Conference was held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.
Japan-U.S. Business Council and U.S.-Japan Business Council issued a joint statement at the conclusion of the Conference.
Joint Statement
September 26
Executive Committee Meeting at Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Mr. Masaski Ishikawa, Director-General, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry addressed the JUBC Executive Committee Meeting on “U.S.-Japan Infrastructure Partnership in Third Countries”.
Public Comment on Section 232 National Security Investigation of Imports of Automobiles and Automobile Parts
JUBC Annual General Meeting was held at Imperial Hotel Tokyo.
The Japan-U.S. Business Council and the U.S.-Japan Business Council issued a Joint Statement : Maintaining Momentum in the U.S.-Japan Economic Relationship
Joint Statement.PDF
2017. November 24
JUBC former Chairman Kunio Ishihara and Chairman Nobuyuki Hirano as well as four Vice Chairmen, Messrs Shigeru Hayakawa, Kuniharu Nakamura, Joji Nakayama and Masami Yamamoto visited Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and handed the joint statement of the 54th Japan-U.S. Business Conference to him.

Upcoming Events (2019)

Japan-U.S. Business Council related events

The 56th Japan-U.S. Business Conference
To be announced

Japan-U.S. Regional Association related events

September 8-10
The 51st Annual Joint Meeting of the Japan-Midwest U.S. Association, in Tokyo
October 20 - 23
The 42nd Annual Joint Meeting of the Japan-U.S. Southeast Association in Georgia

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