The 'Japan-U.S. Business Council' is a Japanese Organization that cooperates with the'U.S.-Japan Business Council' of the U.S. to make recommendations to the Japanese and U.S. governments and other organizations.


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2021. 10.6 –7
The 58th Japan-U.S. Business Conference was held online on October 6-7.
Japan-U.S. Business Council and U.S.-Japan Business Council issued a joint statement at the conclusion of the conference.
Joint Statement

2021. 9.2
Extraordinary General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting
2021 JUBC Annual General Meeting at Imperial Hotel Tokyo
阿達雅志 内閣総理大臣補佐官(経済・外交担当)

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The 59th Japan-U.S. Business Conference

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